Lecture 3 : Learning, Perception and Attribution

Lecture 3 – Learning, Perception and Atttribution

Other Related Materials:

1. Learning Theories

2. Kolb’s Learning Styles

3. Classical Conditioning (Pavlov)

4. Classical Conditioning (Videoclip)

5. Old Lady – Young Girl

6. Attribution theory

7. Attribution Theory and Motivation



  1. nitesh said

    notes ob

  2. preethi said

    ob is a study which deals with the study of an individual or a group in a organisation

  3. khalid waheed said

    OB is the study of human behavior in the workplace between people and the organization.

  4. palani raja said

    i f u have any notes for organizational behavior as madras university MBA pls send to mail thank you

  5. akin said

    kindly send me notes on ob

  6. avadhesh kr. said

    kindly send me notes on O B

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