Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations. It does this by taking a system approach. That is, it interprets people-organization relationships in terms of the whole person, whole group, whole organization, and whole social system. Its purpose is to build better relationships by achieving human objectives, organizational objectives, and social objectives.As you can see from the definition above, organizational behavior encompasses a wide range of topics, such as:

  • personality, values, ethics
  • motivation
  • interpersonal communication
  • leadership
  • change management
  • cross-cultural management


  1. The definition is good but it is not covering all the aspect of organisational behaviour.

  2. i would like to definition is good but i think the ob is not all parts of behavoiur

  3. harry johnson said

    k v singh and jay- learn to spell before you comment on another topic

  4. this definition is very good & catchible. hole organization the human editute and apptitute is deferent.so we study o.b .

    MR.JAYPRAKASH AGARAHARI Said o.b is not all part of behaviour.
    but i said MR.JAY IS wrong

  5. abhishek said

    not enough

  6. brijender pratap singh said

    dis defination is gud ,easy way to undersnt 0b….

    dis is one of the best defination of ob…

  7. LATA said


  8. NAIMA said

    Definition is good but not well defined.

  9. The definationis very good, it’s short but it’s meaningful.


  10. sazzad said

    This is a good defination.thank you so mutch.

  11. sazzad said

    This is a good definition.thank you so mutch.

  12. Jabed mishu said

    not complite ,,,,,,

  13. This is good definition….
    i am happy

  14. Anonymous said

    that goood

  15. Anonymous said

    meaning is right but it should be include ob models

  16. shakshi patel said

    not enough

  17. shakshi patel said

    not satisfy defination

  18. s.n abhijit sahoo said

    oraganisational behaviour is the study of application to controll human behaviour and study of communication in an organisation. it also creates how to communication with youe superrior.

  19. ridwan said

    give me details about ob

  20. mahadevan said

    its nice

  21. Anonymous said

    yea good but not at all

  22. Anonymous said

    i would like to definition is good

  23. chirag said

    nice but its too short

  24. Wasim khan said

    This is v good diff i m agree with diff

  25. Hameed ansari said

    to good definatio

  26. Anonymous said

    good definaton thank u suggest me

  27. Darshan. Nag said

    This is good definition…….

  28. imamudin rahimoo said

    really gud way define

  29. imamudin rahimoo said

    really gud way of define

  30. Ob is the consderd with understanding,predecting and controling of humen behaviour in the oganisatiom.it studies three determinates behaviour in organisation and these are indivisual,group and strucature.
    These defination are simple and good defination.)

  31. Usman ali said

    Definition is right but not covering all part of ob

  32. prakash bishwas said


  33. kajal said

    itS a gud defination ….easy to understand ….

  34. kajal said

    gud defination….easy 2 understand

  35. Anonymous said

    it is not good

  36. supriya said

    that explanation is perfect for organizatinal bahavior ………its easy and simple, everyone should satisfied with this…….

  37. Anonymous said

    Abe kahi tari chnglya definition dya na….Kay Laval he…..

  38. pritam bhagat said

    its very good and simple deffination.

  39. sivaneshwaran said


  40. suraj sharma said

    this defination is not enough

  41. Arvind said

    yo its gud définition

  42. jabir bala said

    It is good but not cover all the aspect related the ob, so give the latest definition of ob

  43. vanna said

    yes really

  44. yup its really powerful definition & conceptual

  45. Abidullah khattak Federal urdu uni karachi said

    Definition is good very easy for understanding

  46. elabrate the information of ob

  47. lydia nobert said

    organization behaviour is important in an organization since after understading it as a manager in a certain organization you will be able to apply the knowledge skills and values aquired from the topic

  48. lydia nobert said

    organization behaviour is important in an organization since after understading it as a manager in a certain organization you will be able to apply the knowledge skills and values aquired from the topic, hence achieving the desired goals.

  49. Anonymous said

    Nice Defination

  50. Anonymous said

    Very bad definition

  51. bello said

    Gud job

  52. bhala lage

  53. onah ikenna said

    Is okay

  54. Anonymous said

    not enough

  55. Anonymous said

    What a miserable condition that GC Faisalabad (Pakistan) cannot provide material about its courses like organizational behaviour(in lieu of thesis). We the students of this institution are very anxious about it. We are tired of searching this c-99 course.

  56. Anonymous said

    definition is good and easy…..!!!

  57. subhan pathan said

    definition is good

  58. OB is the study of individual behavior in an organization.

  59. Anonymous said

    I have read and i found it helpful.thank you

  60. aadan ilkacase said

    Organization behavior is the study of interaction between individuals, Groups and talks about personality, Values, ethics and other perspectives of the organization as internal and external

  61. Anonymous said


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